About Us

New England Sampreeti is a Not for Profit Organization under IRS section 501(c)(3).

Our Mission Statement:

New England Sampreeti facilitates and promotes socioreligious and cultural exchanges within the Indian community of Greater Boston.

How it started:

We all are a generation who left our homeland to pursue better opportunity in life and career. But then, as people back home say, we are the ones who strive to follow the culture and religious activities more than others. While we celebrate various regional religious activities, one thing that some of us noticed was that we’re still missing the fun of Diwali/Kali Puja and more importantly bursting firecrackers with friends and family during Diwali. Surely and steadily, we were engulfed with anecdotes recounting charkhas, anars, flawed interpretation of slokas and rhythmic beats of dhak/dholak.

Lending a stroke of realism to our nostalgia, we decided to revive it here in New England, close to our homes. To bring in some more authenticity, our Kali idol made its journey all the way from Kumartuli in Kolkata after final touches by the famous sculptor, Amarnath Ghosh.

This is an annual tradition and our success depends on your participation. We are just an extension of you, and so, let’s come together and celebrate this event together with lots of fireworks, food and musical entertainment for years and years to come.

Executive Committee

Sanjay (508)208-6889
Biswa (617)257-6049
Shaan (978)761-7707
Sugata (703)380-2867